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Sales Training International Ltd provides a tailored training solution for your unique needs. In order to do this we would normally adopt the following process; however, this can be adapted for your particular training requirements.

  • Follow Up Call - once we have received your initial phone call or email, one of our directors will contact you to discuss your requirements in order to fully establish your training needs.
  • "Get to Know You" Meeting - next, if appropriate, one of our directors will arrange to meet you at a convenient location. This will enable them to find out more about your company and its training requirements. Once your specific needs are established we will then be able to allocate the appropriate training consultant.
  • Training Needs Analysis - as a minimum we will need to spend time with your company to familiarise ourselves with your products and processes to enable us to write a company specific training course. However, if you feel further investigation is required, our consultant can conduct a full training needs analysis and subsequently produce a report which will detail findings, conclusions and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and profitability of your company.
  • Pre-Course Approval - once the recommendations have been accepted and the training solutions designed, these can be presented to you for final approval before the training is delivered.
  • Training Course - this will be a tailored course based on your specific needs, addressing the issues in the training needs analysis. This will be delivered in-house or at a venue of your choosing.
  • Feedback - to help you with your evaluation process we will provide you with course feedback. If requested, we can also provide feedback on individuals which can be used for their ongoing development.
  • Post Course Evaluation - in addition to the initial course feedback, we can also provide ongoing evaluation by observing your staff in the workplace to review their progress.
  • Coaching - as well as training, all our consultants are qualified coaches and can provide an in-depth coaching service. This will involve observation of your staff in the workplace with comprehensive feedback and coaching. This will enable potential performance issues to be identified and solutions established, thereby enhancing and improving existing performance, leading to increased productivity and profitability.
  • Email Support - all of our in-house courses include a free six-month email support system, whereby all participants can contact the training consultant that conducted the course, where available, or an alternative experienced consultant, to answer any questions or provide further information.

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