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Sales Training International Team Member Kevin ReddingKevin Redding

Kevin is a specialist trainer with STI, delivering training in Lean & Six Sigma alongside Business Improvement Techniques (BIT), with the added bonus of mentoring the Six Sigma candidates to full certification on completion of their cost saving projects.

Before going into the training & mentoring field Kevin worked for 25 years with Ford Motor Company as a Senior Engineer & Supervisor, driving change on a daily basis, to ensure Continuous Improvement in the manufacturing, high volume assembly plant.He was also a Resident Test Engineer and a qualified Six Sigma Black Belt specialist.

Since becoming a specialist trainer he has worked internationallydelivering Green & Yellow belt Six Sigma training and monitoring candidates for amulti-national organisations. He has also worked with other clients investigating all aspects of logistics for the transporting of 34,000 staff to various locations across regions, delivering business improvements, driving changes to reduce costs, waste & re-process mapping. He has also recently undertaken a business assessment for a client to investigate the need to increase production by 300%, looking at how and if the client could achieve this goal.

Kevin is a business professional with over 25 years of demonstrated accomplishments in operational and organizational effectiveness, best practice identification and implementation, process design and improvement. Providing training and implementing expertise in the areas of Lean & Six Sigma “Driving Change & Reducing Waste”.

He has worked within themanufacturing, automotive, transport, security, facilities management, leisure/tourism, parcel delivery, cleaning, food industry and a“not for profit” charity industries.

Kevin is a leader with extensive strategic and tactical experience in Management Consulting, Continuous Improvement, Product Development, Manufacturing, Operations, Integrated Supply Chain and Quality Leadership style emphasizing bottom line improvements, teamwork, staff development/empowerment, creativity, innovation, best practices, integrity, vision learning, respect and a propensity for action.

Specialist Areas

  • Training (Yellow/Green Belt& BIT)               
  • Business Improvements                   
  • Root cause analysis (5Y & Cause & Effect)               
  • Mistake proofing ( error proofing)               
  • Visual factory mapping                   
  • Value stream mapping
  • Single point lesson development               
  • Team building                           
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Quality mapping
  • Process Mapping & re-writing
  • Current & future state mapping
  • Kaizen events   
  • Process & work element sheet building
  • Continuous improvements
  • Trouble shooting

Clients include:

  • Al Futtaim
  • Plafond – Dubai
  • Transguard
  • Knightswood – Dubai
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Citibank
  • ISS Cleaning Services
  • Yodel Parcels

Recent projects include

  • Training & mentoring to Green Belt Six Sigma : Al Futtaim, Dubai 13 staff with 7m aed savings
  • Training & mentoring to Yellow Belt Six Sigma : Plafond, Dubai 60 staff with 5m aed savings
  • Re-mapping of logistics of 34k staff movements within Dubai & Abu Dhabi with Transguard, Dubai
  • Increase of production by 300% for Knightswood, Dubai
  • Process re—mapping & Business Improvements of security access to Heathrow airport, HAL
  • Green Belt training & certification of 15 staff Heathrow Airport Management level
  • Facilities Management cost savings ISS/Citibank, Canary Wharf
  • ISS cleaning services, re-mapping of processes & shift re-design to optimise quality cleaning service
  • Back office process mapping & cost savings Yodel parcels in customer call centre
  • Green belt training, business improvements & certification Yodel parcel deliveries at 3 sites in UK
  • Yellow belt training, mentoring & certification at Yodel parcel delivery
  • Asset management & business improvement Caravan Club 3 sites in UK
  • Office business improvement, process changes& cost savings Solent EBP charity
  • Business improvements Dream Cupcakes, writing/delivering new processes for 3 retail shops/bakery

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