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The Art of Effective Networking

Improve Communication to Develop New Business Instantly

One–day Workshop

Worshop Aim

This training workshop is designed for managers, teams and peers to understand the need for effective networking, collaboration and improved communication to develop new business. The workshop encourages participants to reflect on their current behaviour and interaction and provides a chance to re-think their current working practices, systems and processes.

This module is practical and provides an insight into the psychology behind effective networking and communication. It starts by considering the role of each participant in a team, group and organization and builds an understanding of the value of optimized working together in developing new business.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the art of effective networking and communication to create new sales and marketing opportunities for your organisation.
  • Learn tried and tested methods for influencing people and ensure you, your brands and your services are relevant to those you are communicating with.
  • Master the varied networking tools from digital social media to face-to-face meetings and events.
  • Create a measurable and achievable plan to secure new customers and business THIS year. 
  • This workshop is suitable for customer-facing individuals and teams looking to make an immediate difference to their sales and marketing performance, for growth in existing markets or to find new customers in new markets.

Workshop Methodology

This workshop is based on a combination of interactive activities and theoretical learning to ensure that participants benefit from applying proven strategies and best practice to their own objectives and goals

Workshop Methods include:

  • Presentation of Best Practice and Case Studies
  • Team Working and Interaction
  • Goal Setting
  • Psychology Behind Effective Communication and Face-to-Face Networking
  • Introduction to Alternative Networking Methods (particularly social media)
  • Techniques for Identifying and Optimising Sales and Marketing Opportunities
  • How to Align Activity to Strategy and Plans

Workshop Content:

Section 1 The Importance of Networking

  • Becoming self-aware
  • Recognising the value of using others
  • Benefits of delegation and sharing
  • Importance of allocation of skills and expertise
  • Timing and appropriateness of messages and communication

Section 2 Effective Team Networking

  • Establishing and building rapport
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Shared objectives and common goals
  • Balancing the team styles and roles
  • When to lead, when to talk and when to keep quiet

Section 3 Goal Setting

  • Talking a common language
  • Recognising different agendas
  • Proving the value and return on investment in time
  • The importance of a single shared information hub
  • The customer at the heart of all communication

Section 4 Building Rapport and Communication Styles

  • Influencing behaviours
  • Assertiveness
  • Shades and tones in effective communication
  • Examples of effective networkers
  • Handling dissent and disagreement

Section 5 Developing New Business

  • Setting objective and subjective goals
  • Understanding the customer’s perspective
  • Social Media for lead generation
  • Spotting the opportunities
  • Emerging themes in learning organisations

Section 6 Networking Tools and How To Use Them

  • Events and Conferences
  • Networking Groups and Meetings
  • Online Forums
  • Social Networking
  • Integrating people, process and systems


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