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Telephone Sales Skills

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the different levels of customer interaction
  • Demonstrate active listening skills
  • Explain the different types of communication
  • List what types of questions get the best information and which types of questions to avoid
  • Describe the four people factors in relation to customers' buying behaviours
  • List the AIDA process and how it adds value to a telesales call
  • Establish their own structure for a telesales call using all stages from opening the call to closing the call
  • Explain the move from service to sales using appropriate language and timing
  • Introduce and use a sales framework
  • Construct questions in a sales context and listen effectively to what the customer is saying
  • Explain products and services in a meaningful manner
  • Describe how to gain customers commitment
  • Demonstrate how to overcome objections and deal with difficult calls

Course Content

Course content includes:

  • World Class Customer Service
    • What is customer care
    • What customers want
    • Magic Moments
    • Balancing customers human and business needs
    • Moments of truth
    • Attitudes and their impact
  • World Class Sales and Service Skills
  • Communication skills - questioning, listening, impact of words used.
  • Sales skills and knowledge - sales process, buying process.
  • Sales Framework and Call Guide
    • Different stages of a sales call
    • Welcome
    • Identifying customer needs
    • Presenting the solution
    • Closing the sale
  • The Four People Factors and how it impacts on a telesales call
  • Different levels of customer interaction - human and business
  • Handling challenging calls
  • Handling objections
  • Dealing with challenging calls
  • Several skills practice sessions focused on your product or service


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