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Win Win Negotiating Manual

Bound and printed (hard copy) version
Price ex VAT: £95.00
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Getting the Right Results, First Time

We all negotiate each and every day. Negotiation takes place not just during your working hours, but in your personal time too! Negotiation at work can be with your boss, your employees or with your clients and suppliers. At home, you negotiate with your partner, your children and even the door step entrepreneurs that call on you from time to time.

A negotiation is any communication in which you are attempting to achieve approval, agreement or action from someone else. Negotiations are often seen as being party to big business or large scale personal purchases, such as houses or cars, however, you probably spend more time conducting small scale, short negotiations.

These can take the form of "Daddy, can I have an ice-cream?" or "Darling, will you make tea tonight?"

Here you will be given the knowledge and skills you need to negotiate professionally, fairly and to the benefit of all parties involved.

This manual can be read and used as a book, a self-learning tool, or a reference guide. It can be used by individuals to increase their skills and knowledge, trainers to help produce training sessions or by managers for meetings and staff training. It is a mixture of information, practical exercises, self analysis questionnaires and case studies.

Below is a summary of this 121 page training manual.

What is Negotiation?

  • Twenty selected definitions of "successful negotiation"
  • Some pre-conditions for successful negotiation
  • The Three Outcomes of Negotiation
  • Negotiation is: The Art of Bargaining
  • What it is Not

Why it is important?

  • Effect on Customers

Controlling when a Negotiation Starts

  • Personal Power and How to Increase It
  • Information Power
  • Reward Power
  • Coercive Power
  • Situation Power
  • Expertise Power
  • Referent Power

Adversarial versus Co-operative Bargaining

  • Features of Adversarial Bargaining
  • Features of Co-operative Bargaining

The Structure for Successful Negotiating

  • Prepare (Planning)
    - Preparing for Negotiations
    - Objectives
    - Information
    - Concessions
    - Strategy
    - Tasks
  • Discuss
    - Variables
    - Searching for Variables
  • Propose
  • Bargain
  • Close

Treat the Negotiation as a Package

Controlling the Balance of Power

  • Other Negotiating Tactics
  • Body Language
  • Why Non Verbal Communication is So Important

The 40 Most Common Mistakes in Negotiation

Rules for Team Negotiating

Handling Difficult People

  • Causes of Difficult Behaviour
  • Identifying the Difficult Person
  • Types of Difficult Behaviour
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Handling Difficult People

The Negotiator's Checklist

Negotiation Quiz

Case Studies

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