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Customer Relationship Management

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Building Mutually Beneficial Links with Your Customers

Customer Relationship Management is a management model that puts the customer at the centre of its activity. Many companies define Customer Relationship Management as a systems process, or define it in terms of the way that they carry out their dialogue with the customer, or whether they are carrying out customer behaviour modelling. Customer Relationship Management is all of these things and much more. It is about putting the customer in the driving seat and moving away from a business model that is product driven.

In order to establish Customer Relationship Management effectively the company will often need to pause and look critically at itself and may have to change direction. It involves a cultural change, so that staff start to use a new language and co-operate to meet the customer's needs and wants rather than that of the business. If implemented correctly, it will add profit to the bottom line, as well as enhancing the experience of the people within the organisation and encouraging long term commitment from the customer.

In our Customer Relationship Management manual you will find information on all aspects of customer relationship management. You will also be able to test your effectiveness using the self analysis questionnaires and by utilising the tried and tested methods highlighted.

It can be read and used as a book, a self-learning tool, or a reference guide. It can be used by individuals to increase their skills and knowledge, trainers to help produce training sessions or by managers for meetings and staff training. It is a mixture of information, practical exercises, self analysis questionnaires and case studies.

Below is a summary of this 173 page training manual.

  • Customer Loyalty and CRM
  • Creating Loyal Customers
  • Market Intelligence Enterprise
  • Goals of an MIE
  • Customer Relationship Management & The Basics
  • CRM Goals
  • Customer Identification
  • A CRM Program
  • Impact of a CRM system
  • Recognising the Impact of a CRM System
  • Types of Critical Success Factors
  • Analysing CSFs
  • Precautions While Choosing the CRM System
  • Types of Critical Success Factors
  • Analysing CSFs
  • Precautions While Choosing the CRM System
  • Preparations for CRM
  • CRM and Expenditures
  • Economic Impact
  • Implementation Planning
  • CRM Implementation Team and its Functions
  • Departments Affected by CRM Implementation
  • CRM Program Failure
  • Test CRM Programs
  • CRM Implementation
  • Implementing CRM in Stages
  • The Implementation Process
  • eCRM
  • eCRM Features
  • eCRM Disadvantages
  • eCRM and Automation
  • Automate the Sales Department
  • Automate the Customer Service Department
  • Automate the Accounting Department
  • eCRM Customisation and Goals
  • Customise eCRM
  • eCRM Goals

Customer Relationship Management Manual


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