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Downloadable PDF Questionnaires

Here you will find a list of measurement questionnaires that will enhance your business performance in the areas of Leadership, HR, Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Change.

The Leadership Styles and Human Resources questionnaires can be purchased individually for your own use or in larger volumes for department / company use. The Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Maturity Questionnaires are more suited for departmental use and will therefore require higher volumes. You may adjust the quantity you require by editing your shopping basket before checkout.

These questionnaires are in Downloadable PDF format. The cost of each questionnaire is £6.00 + VAT.

The Emotional Intelligence Audit carries a cost of £25.00 + VAT and can be used for up to seven people. Please note there are additional support materials and services related to these questionnaires, details of which are included in the links below.

All the questionnaires can be supported by our team if needed. Please click on the title for a full description.

All questionnaires are also available in bound and printed, Hard Copy format.

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Questionnaires - PDF

Assessing Human Resources Activities

Downloadable PDF version

Price ex VAT: £6.00
Price inc VAT:£7.20

Emotional Intelligence Audit

Downloadable PDF version

Price ex VAT: £25.00
Price inc VAT:£30.00

Leadership Styles

Downloadable PDF version

Price ex VAT: £6.00
Price inc VAT:£7.20

Measuring Organisational Maturity

Downloadable PDF version

Price ex VAT: £6.00
Price inc VAT:£7.20


Downloadable files will be sent via a link to your email address. If you experence any problems with downloading files please contact us at and we will send you the files manually.

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