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Sales Health Check

  • Is your business ready to sell effectively to generate new customers?
  • Do your sales and marketing messages align with the prospects and markets you wish to enter?
  • Are you planning on using exactly the right sales methods and processes?
  • Will you be able to measure your sales results to enable you to maximise profits?

If you are uncertain of answers to any of these questions or if you have answered no, then your business will benefit from a Sales Health Check.

Sales Health Check is a three step process designed to give you a clear outlook on your sales strengths and weaknesses, where the opportunities for improvement lie and importantly how you fare against your competitors.

Step 1 - The Sales Review
The Sales Review step is a telephone conference call in which we learn more about your business, objectives, plans, sales, marketing and business development approaches. We’ll establish your priorities and sales capabilities, where you have strengths and your perceived weaknesses in your people, processes, management, reporting, systems and results.

Step 2 - Your Customer Journey
We will look into your business from your customers’ perspective. We will explore their current customer journey through your website, digital communications, messages and sales approaches and find out what it’s like to engage with you as a prospect or customer.

Step 3 - Sales Health Check Report
Sales Health Check Report will play back the findings from the review and research and importantly provide a step by step proposal for the way forward. The Report might include recommendations for changes you can make, details of appropriate training and development, systems and technologies and a guide to where and how you can create an effective sales and marketing strategy to help deliver your sales goals

Call Tracy at Sales Training International today on 0845 8901 701* to talk about a Sales Health Check for your business.


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