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Building a Sales Pipeline

Building a Sales PipelineEmpowering your Sales Force with the technology, tools and processes to create and deliver against a sales pipeline is an integral part of how you manage your team.

There are many sales techniques you can use to both create the best environment for effective sales planning as well as roll out in the real world and one of the most popular is by using the flow of the customer journey. Used throughout the world by customer focused marketers the customer journey plots the step by step process through which the sales person takes their prospect from the initial awareness phase through early engagement to the point of conversion. 

From there after the new customer either becomes a live account the sales person manages themselves or they are passed to a customer service function in the business from which attempts are made to inspire loyalty, repeat purchases and ongoing engagement.

Such a customer journey allows for clear plotting of the sales pipeline because at each step in the journey the sales person can in negotiation with their manager set appropriate targets with the certainty that there will be drop out at each step. The resulting sales reports that directly link to this pipeline customer journey ensure that the sales strategy is understood by everyone in the business.



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