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Recruitment and Selection

Course Aim

The course will create awareness of the many stages of Recruitment and Selection and the options available in today's rapidly changing business environment. Delegates will develop the skills required to carry out a successful recruitment campaign.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the stages in successful recruitment and selection
  • Ensure they stay within the legal requirements of employment law
  • Write job descriptions and person specifications
  • Describe how to work with behaviours and competencies
  • Produce a briefing for an advertising campaign
  • Conduct initial CV screening
  • Plan and conduct a selection interview
  • State the benefits of using assessment centres and psychometric instruments
  • Make a job offer and follow through

Course Content

The course will include:

  • Introduction to recruitment and selection
  • Overview of the legislative requirements including equal opportunities
  • Creating job descriptions and person specifications
  • Behaviours and competencies
  • Advertising the vacancy - internal and external to include agencies and the internet
  • Initial CV screening, basic criteria, e-selection, telephone screening
  • The interview
  • Structure
  • Skills required to be a competent interviewer
  • Past behaviour as the best predictor of future behaviour
  • Cutting through the "gloss"
  • Body language
  • Using Assessment Centres
  • Using Psychometric Instruments
  • Making an offer
  • Taking references, proof of ID and checking ability to work in UK
  • Contract of employment, induction and probationary period
  • Skills practice
  • Action planning
  • The 6 Golden Rules of Recruitment


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