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Public and Media Relations

A One-Day Programme

Course Aim

Delegates on this course will understand that PR and Media Relations can be a highly cost effective and impactful element of the marketing communications mix. This course is designed for marketing professionals of all levels who are responsible for
press, public and media relationships. It is also a good introduction for senior managers and managers in customer service roles who regularly liaise with the public and media.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Reactively and proactively build brand awareness and loyalty as well as help drive consistent product and service messages to target audiences
  • Use the tools and the latest thinking for achieving successful PR both inside and outside your organisation by developing clear and concise campaign plans

Course Content

  • How to manage a PR agency and integrate them into your plans
  • Running an in-house PR function for cost effective delivery of messages
  • Building your corporate and brand profile using PR
  • Understand the differences between reactive and proactive PR
  • Integrating PR and Media Relations into your marketing communications plan
  • Understand how the media works and how best to talk their language
  • Using PR for crisis management and effective internal communications
  • How to write effective press releases


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