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NLP for Business Leadership Excellence

Course Aim

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their personal effectiveness to the level of excellence, using tried and tested NLP techniques. The content is particularly appropriate in an 'achievement context' of leading teams, motivating staff in a multi-cultural environment and dealing with individuals positively and effectively.

Based on the principles of modelling excellence from exceptional peak performers, Neuro Linguistic Programming was first created in the 1970s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. It has since become an evolving 'Psychology of Excellence' with new techniques constantly being developed by its practitioners.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Define NLP
  • Explain the NLP model of communication & personality
  • Describe how to attain excellence by modeling from others
  • List the three components of communication
  • Explain what eye movements mean
  • List the Four Steps to Success Model
  • Utilise effective language to build rapport easily
  • Practice using behavioural anchors to attain paradigm shifts

Course Content

Course content includes:

Module One - Background and Development of NLP

  • What is NLP? Who started it, where, when and why?
  • NLP model of communication and personality - why everyone is different and unique
  • 'Excellence Beliefs' upon which NLP is based
  • Key personalities in NLP
  • Anthony Robbins in action - video clip
  • Attaining excellence by modelling it from others

Module Two - Communication and Rapport

  • The three components of communication
  • What is rapport and why do we want it?
  • The VHF channels of communication and how to use them to tune in to others' wavelengths
  • Eye movements and what they really mean
  • Sensory acuity - unlocking the deeper secrets of body language
  • The Four Steps to Success Model

Module Three - Influencing with Language

  • The power of language
  • Listening to others 'filters' and what they mean
  • Using filters to influence and motivate
  • Meta Model - word power and how to use it to eliminate misunderstandings
  • Metaphors and how to use them to create more influential and meaningful dialogues
  • The 15 'power words' and how to use them persuasively

Module Four - Beliefs and Behaviour

  • Beliefs drive behaviour - how to shift out of a Cycle of Self Sabotage and into a Cycle of Excellence simply by making different belief-related choices.
  • How to dismantle negative, limiting beliefs and install positive, empowering ones using visualisation and 'walk through' techniques
  • Behaviour change - using the WHOOSH technique to positively change an unwanted behaviour permanently (as seen in the Anthony Robbins video)
  • State control - how to create and trigger 'anchors' to access inner resources such as confidence, feeling relaxed, in control, etc.

Module Five - Outcomes and Goals

  • Values - discover what is really important to you in your career and in life
  • The unstoppable combination - ensuring that goals are aligned to values and beliefs to ensure their achievement
  • Defining what you really, really want using the well formed outcome questionnaire
  • Plotting goals using the Back to the Future technique
  • CANI for achieving massive change incrementally and steadily

Module Six - Creating a Compelling Future

  • The Walt Disney Creative Thinking Strategy
  • Logical Levels technique for achieving empowering personal change
  • Timelines for positioning goals, removing blocks, overcoming anxieties and accessing resources
  • 'Visualisation' techniques using all the senses to trigger the reticular activating system in the brain and achieve goals easily and effortlessly
  • Future pacing - the power of behaving "as if" to attract beneficial outcomes


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