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Marketing for Lead Generation

A One-Day Programme

Course Aim

This course will help you to drive lead generation by alignment of marketing and sales team objectives towards a common and shared business development goal. By working more effectively together, the synergy of marketing and sales will create incremental new business opportunities at the same time as ensuring customers and partners receive consistent and timely messages through all forms of communication. This course is designed for Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Business Directors seeking to align their marketing and sales teams for incremental lead generation.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Use the tools that marketers have at their disposal to build sales plans and objectives into marketing and communication
  • strategies

Course Content

  • An awareness of marketing principles, processes and philosophies from the senior management perspective
  • Create an environment in your organisation that works towards a shared vision and common goals for developing new business
  • To stimulate ongoing and regular communication between sales and marketing
  • Integration and alignment of sales plans and revenue targets with timely marketing campaigns and activity to drive new business
  • Understand best practice and examples of success from other sectors
  • Measuring and proving the value of campaigns


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