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Job Evaluation

Course Aim

Understanding and being able to undertake effective job analysis and evaluation is an essential activity for the Human Resource professional, and a powerful tool for line managers to use. Together they form the basis of the requirements of a job role and determine the job's value or worth to the organisation, thereby ensuring appropriate remuneration is applied. You can then ensure that your positions are objectively evaluated and advise on the most appropriate structure for your organisation.

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of different job analysis and evaluation methodologies and how job analysis and evaluation is used as the basis for designing pay and grade structures.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of job analysis and evaluation techniques
  • State the various stages involved in a job analysis and evaluation project
  • Gain practical insights of how to design new pay structures
  • Compare the various techniques to analyse and evaluate specific jobs
  • Explore connections between job analysis and job evaluation
  • Examine different ways to implement these processes
  • Demonstrate how to describe job roles

Course Content

Course content includes:

An Introduction to the techniques

  • The corporate environment
  • The HR role and line management responsibilities
  • An introduction to job analysis
  • An introduction to job evaluation
  • The need for job analysis and evaluation
  • Scientific or judgemental approach

Job Analysis Techniques

  • Definition of role and job analysis
  • Compare various techniques to analyse specific jobs
  • Examine different methodologies
  • Designing appropriate job profile documentation
  • Selecting benchmark jobs
  • The role of the job analyst
  • Collecting, recording and analysing information
  • The job analysis interview
  • Completing the job profile document

Job Evaluation

  • Definition of job evaluation
  • Uses of job evaluation
  • Examine different methodologies
  • Analytical and non-analytical schemes
  • Points rating
  • Factor comparison
  • Job ranking
  • Internal benchmarking or job matching
  • Job classification
  • Assessing evaluation schemes

Implementation and Operational Considerations

  • Using consultants or off-the-shelf packages
  • Explore the links between job analysis and job evaluation
  • Design and operational guidelines
  • Grade structure guidelines
  • Implementation framework
  • Options for implementation - full or staged
  • Communicating the results

Case Studies and planning

  • Case Studies
  • Selecting and training analysts
  • Putting in place arrangements for on-going maintenance
  • Review of success criteria

Personal planning


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