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International Women in Leadership / Business


“Women are the world’s most underused resource.”                                         
Hillary Rodham Clinton, former United States Secretary of State

“We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands and by pulling back when we should be leaning in.” 
Sheryl Sandberg CFO of Facebook and author of Lean In

“For real change, we need feminine energy in the management of the world. We need a critical number of women in positions of power, and we need to nurture the feminine energy in men.”           
Isabel Allende author and founder of The Isabel Allende Foundation

Research shows that corporations and governments worldwide are increasingly concerned about the under‑representation of women in executive management and leadership roles. The business benefits of “Diversity and Inclusion” are becoming more and more well-established, companies with more women in top management perform better, and boards with more women are better quality boards, however as of August 2012, only 4.2% of Fortune 1,000 companies had a female CEO. Many companies and leaders are beginning to ask some tough questions of themselves, for example “why so few women?”, “do we have a glass ceiling?” and “do women themselves have an inner glass ceiling?”. 

There is a new awakening to the unique gifts that women bring and are capable of when they realise their leadership potential and also an understanding that women face particular barriers and obstacles in the workplace.

Course Aim

This two day experiential workshop is designed to enable women managers to develop the skills and confidence to lead with impact and authenticity and to start the journey of realising their true leadership potential.

Highly engaging throughout, there will be practical exercises combined with the latest conceptual theories; the aim is to enhance the participants existing skills and equip them with new competencies, tools and capabilities, to allow them to excel in the workplace.

The course will also develop the women’s individual skills of communication, self-awareness, confidence, life skills, empowerment and coaching enabling them to earn the respect and trust of their direct reports, co-workers and managers.

Course Objectives

  • Review look at their own leadership style and explain where it helps and where it hinders them in making the impact that they want to make
  • Explore the difference between feminine and masculine leadership styles
  • Explain and manage the internal and external barriers to success
  • Explain how to access the source of their power, to develop the deep feminine principles, and to speak from their true and authentic selves
  • Plan how to tap into their own resources and to develop their personal resilience
  • Plan to create a group of energized and inspired leaders who are ready for and supported in leading with passion and individuality

Course content

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Welcome and introduction to learning approach
  • Agree aims, objectives and expectations
  • Context setting:  better for women, better for everyone
  • Participants aligned and energized around outcomes of the programme
  • Impactful leadership
  • What is leadership?
  • What is your leadership potential?
  • Your leadership story so far
  • Leadership hinders or enablers
  • Group task
  • Feminine and Masculine leadership
  • Inspiring stories (using video)
  • Authentic communication
  • Gender norms and authentic communication
  • Raising difficult issues with confidence and empathy
  • Collaboration versus competition
  • Role plays and coaching
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Learning how to reconnect with your values and how to use them in challenging situations
  • Developing an anchor to increase your resilience
  • Understanding who we are and what we stand for
  • Playing to our core strengths
  • Individual self-reflection guided exercises
  • Empowerment and delegation
  • Resourcing oneself to stay in the learning zone not shrink into comfort or go into panic
  • Looking at the ‘inner glass ceiling’
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • What does trust look like and how do I show this to my direct reports?
  • How to empower others and create impact through delegation
  • Closing
  • Envisioning the career, the colleagues and the company that you want
  • Creating commitment and accountability to take the first step towards achieving that vision


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