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Integrated Marketing for Maximum ROI

Course Aim:

Many organisations from large to small are busy with social media and digital marketing without considering the impact this has on time, resource and budget. This course provides attendees with strategic and practical step by step methods for integrating digital marketing and social media into wider marketing and business plans with a strong focus on measuring return on investment (ROI).

Attendees are encouraged to reflect on their current strategy and tactical campaigns and throughout the course, design a digital dashboard, a process for collecting and learning from marketing outcomes to both prove ROI and enhance continuous improvement.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the courses attendees will be able to:

Implement what they learn to create highly effective and measurable strategic and tactical marketing activity to support:

  • new business lead generation for growth
  • enhancement of customer relationships
  • improved research and market intelligence
  • alignment of marketing strategy and campaigns to corporate goals

Course Content:

Day One

Digital Marketing in the Context of Strategy

  • Plan and execute effective digital marketing campaigns that contribute to strategic goals in your business
  • Recognise the stages of digital marketing development and resource implications Create effective marketing and communications plans to support growth, lead generation and strategy development
  • Select the appropriate digital marketing tools to achieve your goals
  • Create effective online content for social networking, blogs, newsletters and websites
  • Build a digital hub to align all online activity

Strategic Marketing Planning - Creation

  • Develop a customer-focused long term direction for the business to deliver optimum growth and profit
  • Align business processes and turn high level strategy into operational plans
  • Focus the business to core competency to achieve competitive advantage

Day Two

Strategic Marketing Planning - Measurement

  • Create a measurable return on investment whilst achieving objectives
  • Marketing & Communications Planning Framework
  • Balanced Scorecard to maximise the benefits of an integrated marketing mix, including product and service innovation

Return on Investment

  • Design performance measurement processes and systems for monitoring of activity
  • Help your organisation to develop an ROI ethos
  • Set benchmarks and use best practice to ‘raise the bar’ in your project delivery
  • Establish links across market activities, sales and campaigns for maximum effect
  • Ensure all marketing activity is perceived as adding value to achievement of the business strategy
  • Create a digital dashboard for collection and analysis of performance with an emphasis on evaluation and feedback


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