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Document Management Training

Course Aim

To achieve its mission, ADGAS needs its professional staff to use appropriate methods and technologies to ensure that vital documentation is managed efficiently and effectively. Technology certainly can make a great difference and help speed up and enhance well thought through documentation management systems. However, applying advanced technology to poorly thought through existing systems, without reviewing and improving those systems, and without ensuring that staff are capable of using them, is a recipe for disaster.

So, to enhance the way in which information is handled, most world class organisations take the first step of enhancing their manual systems and ensuring that their staff understand and adopt best practice document management disciplines.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop delegates will have acquired a "Document Management Toolkit" that will help them enhance the way they manage documentation. Specifically, delegates will have learnt how to:

  • Ensure that the correct versions of documents reach the people who need them
  • Apply internationally recognised approaches to document management
  • Create document retention and archiving policies and practices
  • Start planning how to exploit electronic document management techniques

Course Content

The course will include:

Best Practice in Document Organisation and Management

This session focuses on document management techniques that can contribute to organisational efficiency and effectiveness, and provides internationally accepted best practice guidance. Topics covered include:

  • Document production, ownership and change control
  • Managing document distribution
  • ISO quality standards for document management
  • International best practice

Strategies for Document Retention, Storage and Archiving

This session provides advice and guidance on preventing the problems caused by having just too much documentation in current circulation. Topics discussed will include:

  • How too much paper reduces business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Filing, indexing and cataloguing standards
  • Setting appropriate document retention periods
  • Principles of good document archiving

Moving Towards Electronic Document Management

This session explores the techniques used in Electronic Document Management Systems, and offers delegates the opportunity to draw up their own strategies for enhancing the way that they manage documentation. Topics worked on will include:

  • International document management legislation
  • Document imaging systems
  • Integrating paper and electronic information
  • Enhancing the way your own department manages documentation


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