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Cloud Marketing


"I CAN OWN WAY LESS AND DO WAY MORE - Every business has needs and yours is no different. Your people need to stay connected and you need to maintain essential security and control. So why not have both? Make productivity easier by giving everyone endless ways to work and collaborate from anywhere at any time and on any device. In the cloud you make the rules." - Microsoft 2011

"The Internet cloud, where the distributed and programmable network of services across the globe will serve all the data, resources and functionality we will ever use." - Alex Barnett 2007

Course Aim:

The concept of Cloud is the global sharing of networks, hardware, storage and services in a centralised space allowing businesses and individuals to draw down and use applications, information and services, personalised for them at a time, place and level that is appropriate for what they are doing.

The Cloud will open up a vast array of new possibilities for marketing and communication where context, location and personalisation allows for unprecedented levels of conversations, advocacy, loyalty and business development

In this course we will move on from futurology and explore the things that people and businesses can do today to prepare themselves for the exciting new marketing and sales opportunities 

Course Objectives:

 By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Explain cloud marketing and the benefits it will bring to the internet
  • Understand how to future-proof their current digital and social media activity 
  • Segment their customers to ensure services and communications are personalised
  • Add value to the customer experience to build loyalty and trust
  • Integrate digital marketing with offline sales and marketing activity
  • Create a strategic plan with measurable and achievable goals

Course Content:

Day One

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing & Communication
  2. The phases of evolution of the internet
    - Web 1.0 Publishing
    - Web 2.0 Social Media
    - Web 3.0 Cloud
  3. Introduction to the Cloud
  4. Cloud marketing and geographic location
  5. Mobility and Devices

Day Two

  1. The importance of Content Relevance
    - Customer segmentation
    - Personalisation and bespoke services
  2. Social Advocacy
    - Evolving your social networking
    - Principles of effective online marketing
  3. Business Planning with the Cloud
    - Creating a digital dashboard
    - Proving return on investment
  4. Delivering Customer Lifetime Value
  5. Beginning your Cloud Strategic Plan


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