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Call Centre Help Desk

Course Aim

Call Centre and helpdesk staff serve a vital link in building lasting customer relationships. However staff can often feel overwhelmed & ineffective when facing frustrated and demanding callers.

This course will enable staff to take control of their calls, improve service levels and increase customer relation management skills, resulting in fewer complaints, call-backs and greater customer loyalty.

As a participant You will have the opportunity to study, role-play, practice and develop the most effective call handling skills, and discover 'best practice' standards as used in call centers globally including methods to make your tasks more enjoyable and effective.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Increase customer service skills and build rapport on the phone
  • Develop fact-finding skills to get to the real root of the problem
  • Enable themselves to prioritize calls and deal with call queuing
  • Develop effective questioning techniques that help you extract the facts from the novice user/caller
  • Enable themselves to understand the psychology of telecommunications
  • Deal with difficult people & control the call more effectively
  • Appreciate the needs of callers from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • Work as an effective team in the future
  • Identify their strengths & weaknesses and build a professional development plan

Course Content

Course content includes:

Session One

  • Call centre industry overview
  • Call centre & help desk systems - a brief overview
  • Understanding the customer
  • Client profiling
  • Identifying the core essentials of caller support
  • Personal skills assessment
  • Making the customer feel:
  • Important
  • That you have understood in detail
  • That you are competent to help them
  • That they can rely on you to find a solution

Session Two

  • Voice management
  • Essential telephone skills
  • Understanding how to tone, pitch, speed & volume
  • Pacing & mirroring the customer to build quick rapport
  • 'Body Language' on the phone
  • Protecting your voice
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Developing a structured approach to needs analysis
  • Question structures
  • Using open, closed, probing, reflective questions
  • Matching your questioning style

Session Three

  • Advanced listening skills
  • Using active listening as an essential control mechanism
  • Techniques for extracting information from poor communicators
  • Understanding caller reactions
  • Appreciating cultural dialects
  • The psychology of telecommunication
  • Using transactional analysis
  • Identifying complementary & crossed transactions
  • Seeking clarification to avoid misunderstandings

Session Four

  • Managing customer expectations
  • Setting boundaries
  • Saying No
  • Educating the caller
  • Handling complaints
  • Understanding contributing factors
  • Developing a positive response to complaint handling
  • The importance of follow up

Session Five

  • Self control under pressure
  • Practical tactics for staying calm
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Dealing with angry and abusive callers
  • Skills practice & personal development planning
  • Role play, review & live call handling (where possible)
  • Working effectively as part of a team
  • Skills assessment review
  • Skills development planning


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