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Beyond Customer Service

Course Aim & Introduction

A primary purpose of any business is to create and keep customers! Customer acquisition and retention evolve far beyond customer service - in fact, customer "service" has reached commodity status. You can get "service" just about anywhere you go. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

To be truly unbeatable in the customer service arena, the best companies today compete - and win - based on the rich, memorable experience they consistently provide their customers. When was the last time you considered the value of your customers' experience when working with you or your company? How do they really feel when they leave your office? Alive and invigorated, or dull and de-motivated?

This seminar takes customer service to a higher level by emphasising practical, real-world strategies for staging a reliably unbeatable experience - one that will have your customers consistently talking favourably about your organisation. The instructor will share provocative insights about how to design and execute a compelling customer experience that will create distance between you and your competition.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the distinction between service and experience as a strategy and why both are important
  • Detail why "service" has become a commodity and why that's bad for business
  • Assess the current value of your organisation's "customer experience", plus a survey instrument that can be used to administer to key customers and clients
  • Finding your role in the experience economy
  • Script and stage your company's customer experience
  • Assess your organisation's readiness to deliver both service and experience
  • Learn how to create an experience-driven culture
  • Become knowledgeable on companies who excel at customer experience

Course Content

Course content includes:

Setting the Stage

  • The evolution of customer service and why it's not enough in the "experience" economy
  • The role of service in building and strengthening the customer relationship
  • The role of the experience as an extension of service

Customer Acquisition and Retention

  • The psychology of the customer: understanding needs and expectations
  • The four customer personality types
  • Creating a customer-first culture within your organisation

Combining Outstanding Service with an Extraordinary Experience

  • Gaining clarity around organisational values and guiding principles
  • Articulating your organisation's customer service/experience vision and mission
  • Building, protecting and maintaining lasting customer relationships
  • Learning from the World's Best
  • The five things customer-first companies always do
  • Case studies featuring leaders who deliver extraordinary customer experiences
  • Measuring customer experience performance

Strengthening your Service Competencies and Standards - Becoming Distinctive!

  • Delegates will create an action plan for executing a customer experience program inside their companies
  • Job tools are included

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